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How to Make New Media Work for Your Business

No matter what your business is, who you market to or what your product is, chances are that New Media has (or will) make an impact on your business. I personally think it’s one of the latest and greatest ways to reach hundreds of thousands of customers, get your word out and get known, fast! Recently, Matthew Toren of youngentrepreneur.com interviewed Neil Rosen, author or Chatter Marketing where they discuss some great points for and about marketers and the changes we’re living today with New Media.

youngentrepreneur.com-Matthew Toren

New media, which encompasses all aspects of online marketing, such as social media marketing, blogging, comment marketing, and more, is everywhere we look these days. It’s almost impossible to find ads even in traditional media that don’t point to a company’s Facebook and Twitter pages, and the web is replete with blog posts, e-books, websites, you name it, talking about how to market using new media. Still, many business owners are struggling to figure it all out and make new media work for their business.

In Neil Rosen’s new book, Chatter Marketing: Putting the Relationship Back in Customer Relationship Management, he helps to shed light on this important topic and shows entrepreneurs not only the importance of new media marketing, but how to use it effectively.

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Student Entrepreneurs Compete

Portfolio.com – Kent Bernhard, Jr

The Global Student Entrepreneur Awards bring together young people from around the world who have juggled studies with the demands of founding and growing companies. To veteran entrepreneur Kevin Langley, the competitors are an inspiration. 
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