10 Franchises for $20K (Or Less)

Check out some possible franchise opportunities that are doing well and not so hard on the pockets as some of the franchise fees and costs you think of when you the word franchise comes to mind. It’s all about a system someone created that is proven to work. Do some homework and if the numbers work, you can hit the start button on one of these “business systems” and start cashing in sooner than you expected.

Top Franchise Deals
Company Lowest Starting Cost
Candy Bouquet Int’l $10,220
Christmas Decor Inc. $16,650
CompuChild $18,300
Computer Medics of America Inc. $10,300
Disaster Kleenup Int’l (DKI) $17,895
Fiesta Insurance Franchise Corp. $3,400
Travel Leaders $2,845
SuperGlass Windshield Repair $9,910
TGA Premier Junior Golf $13,150
Vanguard Cleaning Systems $8,200

Entrepreneur.com – Jason Daley

Buying into a franchise has always been difficult, but the credit freeze has made it almost impossible for the average would-be small-business owner to get in the game the past three years. Without a fat savings account or 401(k) worth cashing in, the traditional first-time owner-operator who used to define the franchise world has become an endangered species.

But opportunities are still out there for franchisees, and many of them are with strong, time-tested companies. All of the franchisors on our list of $20,000-or-less startups improved their rankings on this year’s Franchise 500®, and one,Vanguard Cleaning Systems, even made it in the Top 10overall.

Running one of these franchises might not be as ambitious as owning a few McDonald’s, but they offer flexibility and scalability. Most can be run out of the home or out of a van by a single owner-operator. Or they can have multiple employees and their own offices. It all depends on the franchisee’s ambition.

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Student Entrepreneurs Compete

Portfolio.com – Kent Bernhard, Jr

The Global Student Entrepreneur Awards bring together young people from around the world who have juggled studies with the demands of founding and growing companies. To veteran entrepreneur Kevin Langley, the competitors are an inspiration. 
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A Five-Step Guide to Reinventing Your Business

So many entrepreneurs and business owners these days find themselves in a never-ending (or never-progressing) beginning. The feeling that marketing, media, advertising, finance and LIFE in general take complete 180 degree turns in what seems like days, can be extremely overwhelming and keeps many of us from actually creating any success or you find yourself stagnant within your current venture.

Entrepreneur.com – Jason Daley:

1. Know When to Make a Change 
The first step is deciding if it’s the right time for a change. Karyn Greenstreet, a Philadelphia-area small-business coach specializing in self-employment and business reinvention, says she sees a pattern with small-business owners. “Most people who come to me have been running their businesses for about seven years,” she says. “They spend the first three years absorbed in getting things started. Then they’re in a growth phase for three or four years. Then they hit a glass ceiling, or don’t find the work challenging anymore and want to try something different.”

Many factors can push a small-business owner toward reinvention–it may be a need to spend more time with family. The market may have changed. The economy may have reshuffled your customer base. You may be bored. All are legitimate reasons for change.

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10 Must Watch Business Shows for Entrepreneurs

Under30ceo.com-Matt Wilson:

If you’re going to watch television you might as well learn something or put on something that will get you fired up to make some money. Check out these 10 Must See Television Shows for Entrepreneurs

1. How I Made My Millions

This CNBC show features 12 episodes of everyday people that went from idea to million dollar businesses.  Take Maribeth Sanford for example, who started putting logos on shopping bags with her graphic design skills and now does $40 million per year.  If you want to see the stories of brands like Burt’s Bees and Life Is Good, How I Made My Millions can be seen on a rolling basis on CNBC.

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5 Things Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From Coca-Cola

Retire@21.com -Nick Scheidies

Sometimes we forget that even the biggest companies started out as small ideas. Today, The Coca-Cola Company earns over $15 million of pure profit every day – but it actually lost money in its first year.

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Social Media Won’t Transform Corporate Recruiting Unless It Grows Up

Forbes.com – Drew Hansen:

In a blog post earlier this year, Chris Dixon stated that “predicting the future of the Internet is easy: anything it hasn’t yet dramatically transformed, it will.” Companies continue to rank recruiting talent as a high priority, but their methods have hardly evolved. At least not yet.

Sure, the internet has fostered some change. Candidates submit applications online, retained search firms update their databases with tidbits from email exchanges, and non-local candidates interview using Skype. But the process remains tied to a transactional tradition, relying heavily on a few brief interactions to judge a candidate’s skills, background, and fit with company culture.

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Make Your Marketing Work Together

     You simply cannot expect one single piece of marketing alone to do the job.

Entrepreneur.com – How to Make Your Marketing Work TogetherJay Conrad & Jeannie Levinson:

However it appears to the public, don’t kid yourself into thinking that marketing is show business. It is not.

Think of marketing as sell business, as solve-a-problem business, as create-a-desire business, but don’t think for a moment that you’re around to entertain the throngs. No matter how much you may advertise, marketing is definitely not advertising.

Sure, advertising is seen by a lot of people. And there was a time when it worked. But it certainly doesn’t work now nearly as well as it used to.

If you have a website, don’t expect it to work. Planning an ad campaign? Expect grief. How about public relations? Doesn’t work as well as it used to. So what does work?

Marketing combinations work. If you have a website and you advertise it vigorously and you run a publicity program to tie in with it, they will all work–each part of the formula contributing its own particular magic.

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      Entrepreneurs all over are cashing in on a multitude of money making opportunities each and everyday. If you don’t think we’re in THE moment to create projects and begin a new venture, then when?! The key is to pick one project at a time if you don’t already have lots of momentum. It will take time, it will take work but MOMENTUM is the word of this business. You must create momentum and the rest will LITERALLY follow. Being an entrepreneur can have it’s amazing pros as well as it’s devastating cons.

“The successful always has a number of projects planned, to which he looks forward. Anyone of them could change the course of his life overnight.” –Mark Caine

Is this not the way of the entrepreneur?

Stay positive & succeed,

Carlos Valentin

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