Who am I?

I’m Carlos Valentin. Simply just a guy with big dreams and a huge love of my family. Before I get into the reason for my blog, let me tell you a tiny bit about some things that sit in first positions on the priority list for me. I’ve been married 8 years to my wonderful Sandra. We have two amazing kids. Not just the “amazing” that a regular parent uses, but the real amazing! 😛

     Julian is 4.5. Don’t let that serious face fool you, Julian’s a freakin’ clown. He’s also the most sincere and kind-hearted kid. Sometimes I wonder if there is even enough love in someone to give to a kid all the love they deserve.

If you think you cannot learn anything from a child, you’re dead wrong. Besides being brutally honest (BRUTALLY!) and living a true example of what unconditional love is, kids are actually amazing sales people! Think about it…When you tell them no, do they just back down and forget about it? NOPE! I’ll explain more in an upcoming post I’m writing.
     Then there were two! Isabella is her name. To be perfectly honest with you, when she was born and when I looked at that little face I could not help but wonder “How the hell, if I find it hard to give as much love as I feel he deserves to my first kid, am I EVER going to do it for two of them?!” It’s an overwhelming feeling, but at the same time it feels like your heart grows and even still, overflows with love for these two little people. This changed my life like nothing else. This motivates me more than any amount of money ever has.

Everything I do Isabella & Julian, all my successes and all my failures I hope make you both great people! I love you!

Now on to business…I’ve done a lot! To keep it short, I’ve been involved in businesses since I was very young. Coming from an entrepreneur and business minded father, my part-time jobs were mostly involved around his businesses. What types of businesses you ask? From vending (soda, snacks and coffee) to garlic processing, a clothing factory, growing chayote squash in Costa Rica to importing fruits and vegetables and an ice business among other things…I’ve been involved in all aspects of the business.

Much of the work I’ve been involved in as an adult is in real estate sales, real estate investing, internet marketing and a few other ventures. I’m a firefighter as well, which allows me to do something I absolutely love (trust me, it’s not for the money…thanks Rick Scott) and at the same time provides me enough time off to continue in business and entrepreneurship, which I also have a passion for. In my blog I will add some details and ideas of my own, but I am looking to narrow down your search for where to find articles and great information for the full-time, part-time and soon to be entrepreneur.

I will be share anything of value I find useful and also offer input and details from my personal experiences. I would love to create a community here where we can all discuss topics, bring up interesting situations and help each other grow on our daily ventures. ONE VENTURE at a time. If I can be a part of making IT happen for you, I’m happy. Let’s stay positive, stay motivated & do big things!


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