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Free Websites For Small Business in Florida

Since Rick Scott took office, I have not agreed with much of what he’s done, especially for public safety and teachers where he cut 3% of their pay. That’s not what I’m writing about though. Just needed to get it out there that I DO NOT favor Rick Scott. Hate to mention something in the political realm…but I would not feel right If I made you wonder either way.

With that said, according to an article by, Rick Scott announced a partnership with Google to create free websites for small businesses throughout Florida.

Time to make some moves!

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – March 28, 2012

The initiative, “Florida Get Your Business Online,” will, according to Scott, help drive economic growth by giving Florida businesses the tools and resources they need to create a website, find new customers and grow.

For the next year, Florida businesses can go to to get a free website. Google partnered with Intuit to provide its Intuit Websites offerings that include an easy-to-build website, a customized domain name and free web hosting for one year. The offer includes tools, training and other resources.

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Fear in Starting a Business (video)

We’ve all come to the harsh realization at some point in our adult lives that we fear things we didn’t think we would. Then again, you don’t really know what you do or do not really fear until you live it or realize you are about to live it. I do think however, that we are programmed to have many of these fears.

Parents, teachers, relatives, friends, mentors or even random strangers who have offered advise at some point throughout your life; have all created either a positive or negative feeling about something. We bring this with us through the years and they are brought up the second a certain situation triggers it. We’ve got to catch this process and learn to deviate from the “program” we’ve created or had created for us growing up.

Here’s a video where Seth Godin offers some brief details on conquering Fear to start your own business, by Bryan Elliot of – Bryan Elliot

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