How to Tap the Power of ‘Thank You’

I don’t know when the last time you sent a thank you note to someone was, but I bet if you did, it was well received. I can hontesly tell you that I’ve had more positive responses from a thank you note than I have from a gift (sometimes an expensive one) that I’ve given a client.’s Joey Faucette’s offers some great tips for building a habit of saying thanks. Personally, my favorite way to do this: Handwritten notes. Take the time to write a post card, a letter, or a greeting card but do it in writing.

It’s a FACT that handwritten items stay in a recepients possession much, much longer than a typed note or email, etc. It’s remembered longer, and YOU will be remembered longer.

Try it! I guarantee positive feed back. – Joey Faucette:

There may be only one day a year devoted to giving thanks. But expressing thanks regularly — year round — and doing it well is one of the most profitable business strategies you can have.

Study after study reveals that when you say “Thank you” to your customers, they both spend more money and tell their friends about the exceptional service and products you deliver, increasing your profits. Volumes chronicle how employee productivity zooms when appreciation is expressed, raising your margins. Vendors go the extra mile to extend credit and deliver “just in time” when they hear gratitude regularly, not just in November, and keep your cash flowing.

Giving thanks works in business. But you’re already doing more with less and the last thing you want is another item on your to-do list. So what are the most effective and efficient ways for you to express gratitude to these important players in your business’ success?

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One thought on “How to Tap the Power of ‘Thank You’

  1. Do you frequently send thank you notes at all? Even typed?

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